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Merge pull request #2801 from ethomson/changelog

CHANGELOG: add missing 0.22 changes
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......@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ v0.22
* git_remote_delete() now accepts the repository and the remote's name
instead of a loaded remote.
* git_remote_supported_url() has been removed as it has become
essentially useless with rsync-style ssh paths.
* git_remote_supported_url() and git_remote_is_valid_url() have been
removed as they have become essentially useless with rsync-style ssh paths.
* The git_clone_options struct no longer provides the ignore_cert_errors or
remote_name members for remote customization.
......@@ -179,3 +179,38 @@ v0.22
* The git_submodule_update function was renamed to
git_submodule_update_strategy. git_submodule_update is now used to
provide functionalty similar to "git submodule update".
* git_checkout_index() can now check out an in-memory index that is not
necessarily the repository's index, so you may check out an index
that was produced by git_merge and friends while retaining the cached
* git_cherry_pick() is now git_cherrypick().
* Introduce git_buf_text_is_binary() and git_buf_text_contains_nul() for
consumers to perform binary detection on a git_buf.
* Remove the default timeout for receiving / sending data over HTTP using
the WinHTTP transport layer.
* Add SPNEGO (Kerberos) authentication using GSSAPI on Unix systems.
* git_signature_new() now requires a non-empty email address.
* Use CommonCrypto libraries for SHA-1 calculation on Mac OS X.
* Disable SSL compression and SSLv2 and SSLv3 ciphers in favor of TLSv1
in OpenSSL.
* git_branch_upstream_remote() has been introduced to provide the
branch.<name>.remote configuration value.
* The GIT_EPEEL error code has been introduced when we cannot peel a tag
to the requested object type; if the given object otherwise cannot be
peeled, GIT_EINVALIDSPEC is returned.
* Provide built-in objects for the empty blob (e69de29) and empty
tree (4b825dc) objects.
* Introduce GIT_REPOSITORY_INIT_RELATIVE_GITLINK to use relative paths
when writing gitlinks, as is used by git core for submodules.
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