Commit 19a04f67 authored by Patrick Steinhardt's avatar Patrick Steinhardt

README: document our relation to changes in upstream

libgit2 is a mere consumer of changes which are trickling down from the
upstream git.git project. This commit documents the ramifications caused
by this relation.
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......@@ -68,6 +68,16 @@ The library provides:
* descriptive and detailed error messages
* ...and more (over 175 different API calls)
As libgit2 is purely a consumer of the Git system, we have to
adjust to changes made upstream. This has two major consequences:
* Some changes may require us to change provided interfaces. While we try to
implement functions in a generic way so that no future changes are required,
we cannot promise a completely stable API.
* As we have to keep up with changes in behavior made upstream, we may lag
behind in some areas. We usually to document these incompatibilities in our
issue tracker with the label "git change".
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