Commit 756138e4 authored by Patrick Steinhardt's avatar Patrick Steinhardt

blame_git: check return value of `git__calloc`

We do not check the return value of `git__calloc`, which may return
`NULL` in out-of-memory situations. Fix the error by using
parent a76d7502
......@@ -517,11 +517,12 @@ static int pass_blame(git_blame *blame, git_blame__origin *origin, uint32_t opt)
if (!num_parents) {
git_oid_cpy(&blame->options.oldest_commit, git_commit_id(commit));
goto finish;
else if (num_parents < (int)ARRAY_SIZE(sg_buf))
} else if (num_parents < (int)ARRAY_SIZE(sg_buf))
memset(sg_buf, 0, sizeof(sg_buf));
else {
sg_origin = git__calloc(num_parents, sizeof(*sg_origin));
for (i=0; i<num_parents; i++) {
git_commit *p;
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