Commit a76d7502 authored by Patrick Steinhardt's avatar Patrick Steinhardt

path: short-circuit `git_path_apply_relative` on error

Short-circuit the call to `git_path_resolve_relative` in case
`git_buf_joinpath` returns an error. While this does not fix any
immediate errors, the resulting code is easier to read and handles
potential new error conditions raised by `git_buf_joinpath`.
parent cffd616a
......@@ -826,8 +826,8 @@ int git_path_resolve_relative(git_buf *path, size_t ceiling)
int git_path_apply_relative(git_buf *target, const char *relpath)
git_buf_joinpath(target, git_buf_cstr(target), relpath);
return git_path_resolve_relative(target, 0);
return git_buf_joinpath(target, git_buf_cstr(target), relpath) ||
git_path_resolve_relative(target, 0);
int git_path_cmp(
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