Commit b4d00c1d authored by Carlos Martín Nieto's avatar Carlos Martín Nieto Committed by Vicent Marti

array: mark the array to grow as volatile

This works around strict aliasing rules letting some versions of
GCC (particularly on RHEL 6) thinking that they can skip updating the
size of the array when calculating the next element's offset.
parent f3f9dc07
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ typedef git_array_t(char) git_array_generic_t;
/* use a generic array for growth so this can return the new item */
GIT_INLINE(void *) git_array_grow(void *_a, size_t item_size)
git_array_generic_t *a = _a;
volatile git_array_generic_t *a = _a;
uint32_t new_size = (a->size < 8) ? 8 : a->asize * 3 / 2;
char *new_array = git__realloc(a->ptr, new_size * item_size);
if (!new_array) {
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