1. 17 Apr, 2017 2 commits
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  4. 10 Apr, 2017 2 commits
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      openssl_stream: use new initialization function on OpenSSL version >=1.1 · 88520151
      Patrick Steinhardt authored
      Previous to OpenSSL version 1.1, the user had to initialize at least the error
      strings as well as the SSL algorithms by himself. OpenSSL version 1.1 instead
      provides a new function `OPENSSL_init_ssl`, which handles initialization of all
      subsystems. As the new API call will by default load error strings and
      initialize the SSL algorithms, we can safely replace these calls when compiling
      against version 1.1 or later.
      This fixes a compiler error when compiling against OpenSSL version 1.1 which has
      been built without stubs for deprecated syntax.
    • Patrick Steinhardt's avatar
      openssl_stream: remove locking initialization on OpenSSL version >=1.1 · 29081c2f
      Patrick Steinhardt authored
      Up to version 1.0, OpenSSL required us to provide a callback which implements
      a locking mechanism. Due to problems in the API design though this mechanism was
      inherently broken, especially regarding that the locking callback cannot report
      errors in an obvious way. Due to this shortcoming, the locking initialization
      has been completely removed in OpenSSL version 1.1. As the library has also been
      refactored to not make any use of these callback functions, we can safely remove
      all initialization of the locking subsystem if compiling against OpenSSL version
      1.1 or higher.
      This fixes a compilation error when compiling against OpenSSL version 1.1 which
      has been built without stubs for deprecated syntax.
  5. 07 Apr, 2017 3 commits
    • Patrick Steinhardt's avatar
      filter: only close filter if it's been initialized correctly · cf07db2f
      Patrick Steinhardt authored
      In the function `git_filter_list_stream_data`, we initialize, write and
      subesquently close the stream which should receive content processed by
      the filter. While we skip writing to the stream if its initialization
      failed, we still try to close it unconditionally -- even if the
      initialization failed, where the stream might not be set at all, leading
      us to segfault.
      Semantics in this code is not really clear. The function handling the
      same logic for files instead of data seems to do the right thing here in
      only closing the stream when initialization succeeded. When stepping
      back a bit, this is only reasonable: if a stream cannot be initialized,
      the caller would not expect it to be closed again. So actually, both
      callers of `stream_list_init` fail to do so. The data streaming function
      will always close the stream and the file streaming function will not
      close the stream if writing to it has failed.
      The fix is thus two-fold:
      - callers of `stream_list_init` now close the stream iff it has been
      - `stream_list_init` now closes the lastly initialized stream if
        the current stream in the chain failed to initialize
      Add a test which segfaulted previous to these changes.
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      Merge pull request #4183 from pks-t/pks/coverity · e572b631
      Edward Thomson authored
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      Merge pull request #4193 from pks-t/pks/libdir · 44998cdb
      Edward Thomson authored
      pkgconfig: fix handling of prefixes containing whitespaces
  6. 05 Apr, 2017 3 commits
    • Patrick Steinhardt's avatar
      pkgconfig: fix handling of prefixes containing whitespaces · 22436f29
      Patrick Steinhardt authored
      Our libgit2.pc.in file is quoting the `libdir` variable in our declared
      "Libs:" line. The intention is to handle whitespaces here, but pkgconfig
      already does so by automatically escaping whitespace with backslashes.
      The correct thing to do is to instead quote the prefix, as this is the
      one which is being substituted by CMake upon installation. As both
      libdir and includedir will be expanded to "${prefix}/lib" and
      "${prefix}/include", respectively, pkgconfig will also correctly escape
      Note that this will actually break when a user manually wants to
      override libdir and includedir with a path containing whitespace. But
      actually, this cannot be helped, as always quoting these variables will
      actuall break the common case of being prefixed with "${prefix}". So we
      just bail out here and declare this as unsupported out of the box.
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    • Edward Thomson's avatar
      win32: enable `p_utimes` for readonly files · 89d403cc
      Edward Thomson authored
      Instead of failing to set the timestamp of a read-only file (like any
      object file), set it writable temporarily to update the timestamp.
  7. 04 Apr, 2017 5 commits
    • Patrick Steinhardt's avatar
      fileops: do not overwrite correct error message on mmap · 9daba9f4
      Patrick Steinhardt authored
      When executing `git_futils_mmap_ro_file`, we first try to guess whether
      the file is mmapable at all. Part of this check is whether the file is
      too large to be mmaped, which can be true on systems with 32 bit
      `size_t` types.
      The check is performed by first getting the file size wtih
      `git_futils_filesize` and then checking whether the returned size can be
      represented as `size_t`, returning an error if so. While this test also
      catches the case where the function returned an error (as `-1` is not
      representable by `size_t`), we will set the misleading error message
      "file too large to mmap". But in fact, a negative return value from
      `git_futils_filesize` will be caused by the inability to fstat the file.
      Fix the error message by handling negative return values separately and
      not overwriting the error message in that case.
    • Patrick Steinhardt's avatar
      blame_git: check return value of `git__calloc` · 756138e4
      Patrick Steinhardt authored
      We do not check the return value of `git__calloc`, which may return
      `NULL` in out-of-memory situations. Fix the error by using
    • Patrick Steinhardt's avatar
      path: short-circuit `git_path_apply_relative` on error · a76d7502
      Patrick Steinhardt authored
      Short-circuit the call to `git_path_resolve_relative` in case
      `git_buf_joinpath` returns an error. While this does not fix any
      immediate errors, the resulting code is easier to read and handles
      potential new error conditions raised by `git_buf_joinpath`.
    • Patrick Steinhardt's avatar
      path: handle error returned by `git_buf_joinpath` · cffd616a
      Patrick Steinhardt authored
      In the `_check_dir_contents` function, we first allocate memory for
      joining the directory and subdirectory together and afterwards use
      `git_buf_joinpath`. While this function in fact should not fail as
      memory is already allocated, err on the safe side and check for returned
    • Patrick Steinhardt's avatar
      config_file: handle errors other than OOM while parsing section headers · 4467aeac
      Patrick Steinhardt authored
      The current code in `parse_section_header_ext` is only prepared to
      properly handle out-of-memory conditions for the `git_buf` structure.
      While very unlikely and probably caused by a programming error, it is
      also possible to run into error conditions other than out-of-memory
      previous to reaching the actual parsing loop. In these cases, we will
      run into undefined behavior as the `rpos` variable is only initialized
      after these triggerable errors, but we use it in the cleanup-routine.
      Fix the issue by unifying the function's cleanup code with an
      `end_error` section, which will not use the `rpos` variable.
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  10. 01 Apr, 2017 2 commits
    • Edward Thomson's avatar
      win32: introduce `do_with_retries` macro · cc8d9a29
      Edward Thomson authored
      Provide a macro that will allow us to run a function with posix-like
      return values multiple times in a retry loop, with an optional cleanup
      function called between invocations.
    • Edward Thomson's avatar
      win32: map windows error codes to errno · dcaa9099
      Edward Thomson authored
      Introduce mapping from windows error codes to errno values.  This
      allows us to replace our calls to the Windows posix emulation functions
      with calls to the Win32 APIs for more fine-grained control over the
      These mappings match the Windows CRT's mappings for its posix emulation
      as they were described to me.
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