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Contribution Guidelines

### A Note on Issues and Support ##

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We try to be available pretty often to help when problems come up. We like to split incoming questions
into two categories: potential bugs/features, and questions. If you want a feature added, or think you've found a bug
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Thomas Broadley committed
in the code (or in the examples), search the [issue tracker]( and if you don't
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find anything, file a new issue. If you just have questions, instead of using issues, [sign up](
to libgit2's Slack instance and then contact us in the [#nodegit channel](

## How to Help ##

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NodeGit is iterating pretty quickly, but it can always go faster. We welcome help with the deeper darker parts,
like the templates and binding and more, but there are plenty of smaller things to do as well.
Things that are always needed:
 - Filing issues (see above).
 - Writing tests (See [here](
 - Writing examples.

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These are all good easy ways to start getting involved with the project. You can also look through the issue tracker
and see if you can help with any existing issues. Please comment with your intention and any questions before getting
started; duplicating work or doing something that would be rejected always sucks.

Additionally, [the documentation]( needs some love. Get in touch with one of us on Slack if
you'd like to lend a hand with that.

For anything else, Slack is probably the best way to get in touch as well. Happy coding, merge you soon!