Commit 080e8aaf authored by Mohseen Mukaddam's avatar Mohseen Mukaddam

babel cli fix for travis

parent 63f4db04
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
"host": ""
"scripts": {
"babel": "babel --presets es2015 -d ./dist ./lib",
"babel": "babel --presets es2015 -d dist lib",
"cov": "npm run cppcov && npm run filtercov && npm run mergecov",
"coveralls": "cat ./test/coverage/merged.lcov | coveralls",
"cppcov": "mkdir -p test/coverage/cpp && ./lcov-1.10/bin/lcov --gcov-tool /usr/bin/gcov-4.9 --capture --directory build/Release/ --output-file test/coverage/cpp/",
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