Commit 6ff12edf authored by John Haley's avatar John Haley

Remove `options` being optional on `Stash.apply` and `Stash.pop`

parent ad991fdd
......@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@
- `checkout_opts` in `Reset.fromAnnotated` and `Reset.reset` are now optional
- `Reset.fromAnnotated` is now async
- `message` on `` is now optional
- `options` on `Stash.apply` and `Stash.pop` is now optional
- Added `processMergeMessageCallback` on `Repository#mergeBranches` to allow for custom merge messages
- Add `beforeFinishFn` to `Repository#rebaseBranches` and `Repository#continueRebase`. This is called before the invocation of `finish()`. If the callback returns a promise, `finish()` will be called when the promise resolves. The `beforeFinishFn` will be called with an object that has on it:
- `ontoName` The name of the branch that we rebased onto
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